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Sometimes “no” turns out to be a powerful motivator. That is, in fact, how Garlic Press got started. Stan Collins had written a book to help struggling substitute teachers in the school district in which he was working. He offered the book to the district’s school superintendent as a professional development tool. The superintendent turned it down. That manuscript became the first book published by Stan’s newly-formed company, and, the rest, as they say, is history.

That first “no” was the beginning of the company. Garlic Press was formed but not named. That came from an artist who was working on that first project and was amused by the double meaning—a garlic press or a printing press! Stan liked the idea and adopted the name. That was in 1974 and hundreds of products ago.

What started in a classroom and developed at Stan’s kitchen table became the company of today—an educational publishing company committed to producing quality content for children, young adults, adults, and homeschoolers in math, English, literature, sign language, braille, and substitute teaching.

In 2012, after 38 years, founder Stan Collins sold Garlic Press to Huma and Douglas Rife who have over five decades of publishing experience between them. They are committed to continuing the traditions of quality that were the foundation of the company. They also are committed to sourcing Garlic Press products locally—written, illustrated, designed, and printed in the United States to support our national economy.