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Catching Fire

ISBN 9781930820012

  • Pages: 112

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    The Discovering Literature Series is designed to develop an appreciation for literature, to improve reading comprehension, and to introduce students to the techniques of literacy criticism that reflect our best understanding of how to make meaning from text. Each guide in the series features an award-winning novel and uses a focus on strategic reading in its introduction of a wide range of critical reading skills and literature elements, as well as opportunities for writing in a variety of genres.

    Each literature teaching guide for the Hunger Games trilogy is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and includes strategic reading lessons that focus on both the individual volume and the series. There are over 50 separate strategies in the series for deeper understanding and meaning.

    In addition to lessons that focus on the standard elements of literature (plot, characterization, setting and mood, theme, diction, style, and narration), students are provided with the Choice Analysis Tool to help them gain a deep understanding of motivation in a complex and terrorized society. They are also offered the opportunity to use historical documents (e.g., the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence) as well as other works of literature and poetry to contextualize the trilogy. Each book also includes Writer’s Forums that guide students in writing while using the books in the series as a backdrop. A vocabulary feature in the final volume provides word study ideas for the entire series.

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    Table Of Contents

    Notes to the Teacher

    The Elements in this Literature Guide

    Teaching with Digital Editions

    Introducing the Literature


    Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games Trilogy

    The Hunger Games Movies

    Common Core Correlation

    Strategy 1: Beginning the Second Book in a Trilogy

    PART I “The Spark”

    Chapter 1:  Back in District 12

    • Strategy 2: Understanding the Series Reading Process 

    • Strategy 3: Charting Character Development

    Chapter 2:  A Visit from the President 

    • Strategy 4: Plot—Analyzing the Use of Flashback, Recap, and Foreshadowing

    • Strategy 5: Analyzing Choices 

    • Strategy 6: Analyzing Control of the Setting 

    • Writer’s Forum 1: Translating Fiction into Drama

    Chapter 3:  The Victory Tour Begins 

    • Strategy 7: Challenging the Status Quo

    Chapter 4:  Choosing Friendship; Arrival in District 11 

    • Strategy 8: Predicting and Recognizing Other’s Perceptions 

    • Writer’s Forum 2: Comparing/Contrasting Books in a Series

    Chapter 5:  Peeta Proposes; President Snow Is Not Satisfied 

    • Strategy 9: Analyzing Assumptions 

    • Strategy 10: Identifying Figures of Speech

    Chapter 6:  The President’s Party; Uprising in District 8 

    • Strategy 11: Understanding How Symbols and Motifs Are Developed 

    • Writer’s Forum 3: Writing a Short Research Report

    Chapter 7:  Meeting Gale at the Lake to Plan an Escape 

    • Strategy 12: Understanding Complex Motivations

    Chapter 8:  The Whipping 

    • Writer’s Form 4: Writing Up an Investigation

    Chapter 9:  Katniss Plans an Uprising; Second Trip to the Lake 

    • Strategy 13: Understanding Parallels and Repetition

    TEST: Chapters 1–9

    PART II “The Quell”

    Chapter 10:  Bonnie and Twill 

    • Strategy 14: Understanding Shockers

    Chapter 11:  The Electrified Fence; The Family Book

    Chapter 12:  The Prep Team Arrives: The Quarter Quell Card 

    • Strategy 15: Interpreting Intentional Contradictions 

    • Strategy 16: Considering Possible Consistency Issues

    Chapter 13:  Katniss and Haymitch Make a Deal; Training; Reaping

    Chapter 14:  Other Victors; How Haymitch Won the Quell 

    • Writer’s Forum 5: Writing a Letter of Farewell

    Chapter 15:  Meeting Victors and Chariot Ride; the New Avox

    Chapter 16:  Making Allies/Friends; Time with the Gamemakers

    • Strategy 17: Identifying Tropes—Chekhov’s Gun

    Chapter 17:  The Tributes Take Charge of the Interviews

    Chapter 18:  The Mockingjay Dress; Pregnancy; Attack on Cinna

    TEST: Chapters 10–18

    PART III “The Enemy”

    Chapter 19:  Unexpected Alliance; Peeta Electrocuted

    Chapter 20:  Search for Water; Tree Rat and Spile; Tolling Bells

    Chapter 21:  Fog and Monkeys; Death of Mags

    Chapter 22:  Johanna Joins Alliance with Beetee and Wiress

    Chapter 23:  Figuring Out the Clock; Spinning Island

    Chapter 24:  Jabberjay Attack; Peeta’s Locket 

    • Strategy 18: Assessing Various Types of Persuasion

    Chapter 25:  Beetee’s Plan • Writer’s Forum 6: Writing Instructions or Directions

    Chapter 26:  Johanna’s Attack; Katniss Completes Beetee’s Plan

    Chapter 27:  Rescue of the Tributes; the Rebellion Begins 81 

    • Strategy 19: Understanding Logical Fallacies and Narrative

    Misdirection 83 

    • Strategy 20: Identifying Themes in a Series 85 

    • Writer’s Forum 7: Comparing Two Treatments

    TEST: Chapters 19–27


    • Odds and Chance 

    • Debts and Owing 

    • Appearance vs. Reality 

    • Competition, Alliance, and Self-Interest 

    • Abuse 

    • Morality and Virtue

    ANSWER PAGES:  Chapter, Strategy, Writer’s Forum, and Test Page Answers in Order, Theme Page Answers

Catching Fire | Discovering Literature Series: Challenging Level

Catching Fire | Discovering Literature Series: Challenging Level
Catching Fire | Discovering Literature Series: Challenging Level
Catching Fire | Discovering Literature Series: Challenging Level