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Submission Guidelines

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We are not accepting any unsolicited material at this time.

Submission Guidelines

Garlic Press publishes educational materials in sign language, math, English, literature, and for substitute teachers. Our mission is to provide the best materials available to aid in the education of learners at any age.

Please browse through our Website to review the kinds of materials we publish.  You may also want to visit an educational teacher store or Barnes & Noble to check out a few of our titles.  This will give you an idea if our materials are compatible with your area of expertise.   It will also help you determine if you are interested in writing the kinds of materials we publish.

How to Submit a Manuscript


When submitting a manuscript for review, please tell us about yourself.  Your biography should include your educational background, experience as an educator, and awards and recognitions you have received.  Also, if you have authored other books and materials, please tell us about those and who published them.

Include the title of your proposed manuscript.  Please tell us how the work fits into the market place—why would someone want to purchase the book?  Who is the primary audience for the book you are proposing? Is it a homeschooling parent, student, classroom teacher, or administrator?  

Please include a table of contents for the book, the completed introductory chapter, and one chapter from the interior of the book. 


Please submit your electronic manuscripts to our publisher, Douglas M. Rife at:


If you submit your manuscript the old-fashioned way, snail mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with every mailed submission or we will be unable to respond. 

Mail hard-copy submissions to:

Douglas M. Rife, Publisher

Garlic Press, Inc.

899 South College Mall Road, Suite 381

Bloomington, IN 47401

Please be patient as the review process is slow, but we will respond as quickly as possible.