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ISBN 9781930820456

  • Pages: 64

  • Topics include: Circles and Segments; Arcs and Circles; Chords; Inscribed Figures; Segments and Arc Measurements; Tangent Circles and Common Tangents; Area and Circumference; Sector Area and Arch Length; Equations and Graphing.

    Table Of Contents

    About This Workbook

    CHAPTER 1:  Circles & Segments
    Circle Parts Defined
    Diameter & Radius

    CHAPTER 2:  Arcs & Angles
    Arcs & Central Angles
    Measures of Arcs & Central Angles

    CHAPTER 3:  Chords
    Chords Defined

    CHAPTER 4:  Inscribed Figures
    Inscribed Angles Defined
    Inscribed Polygons

    CHAPTER 5:  Segment Lengths & Arc Measurements
    Intersecting Chords
    Tangents, Chords, & Arcs
    Tangents, Secants, & Arc Measurements
    Testing for Tangency
    Tangent, Secant, & Segment Lengths

    CHAPTER 6:  Tangent Circles & Common Tangents
    Tangent Circles
    Common Tangents

    CHAPTER 7:  Area & Circumference
    Circumference & Area Defined
    Areas & Inscribed Polygons

    CHAPTER 8:  Sector Area & Arc Length
    Sector of a Circle
    Arc Length

    CHAPTER 9:  Equations & Graphing
    The Equation of a Circle
    Graphing Circles




Circles | Tammy Leonard

Circles | Tammy Leonard
Circles | Tammy Leonard
Circles | Tammy Leonard