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Nan Hayes

Gianni DeVincenti "Nan" Hayes, Ph. D., received her bachelorís degree in biology, chemistry, and liberal arts from Villa Maria of Gannon University.  She earned two masterís degrees from Duquesne University in educational research and administration, writing, and communications, summa cum laude and magna cum laude.  Gianni received her Ph. D., summa cum laude, in humanities and comparative literature from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

She is a long-time teacher, professor, and former college department chair.  In addition, she is a prolific writer, an international speaker, and former radio show host.  Gianni has written over 23 books, numerous articles and short stories, as well as screen plays.  

When not writing, Gianni enjoys oil painting, sketching, and listening to classical music, along with spending time with her husband and daughters and their families

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