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  • Diagnosing Basic Math Skills
  • This 8-page booklet models the diagnosing aspect of the Straight Forward Math Series. Testing for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is arranged to highlight math facts. Diagnosing skill levels is only part of the Series; other components include practice, periodic tests, and final assessment. (Click Here to Download)

  • Straight Forward Math Series
  • These three samples show our basic approach in the Straight Forward Math Series. There is a Table of Contents from the Addition (GP-006) book; a Review Sheet from the Subtraction (GP-012) book; and, a Practice Sheet from the Multiplication book (GP-007). Other aspects of the Series includes: Beginning Assessment Test, Final Assessment Test; and Answers. (Click Here to Download)

  • Advanced Straight Forward Math Series
  • These 3 samples are from the Advanced Straight Forward Math Series. They will provide a progression from the basics of beginning books in the Straight Forward Series. These samples are: the Beginning Assessment Test from Advanced Multiplication (GP-017); a Review Sheet from Advanced Decimals (GP-020); and, a Section Diagnostic Test from Advanced Division (GP-018). (Click Here to Download)

  • Beginning Sign Language Literature Series
  • Here is a sample from the Sign Language Literature Series, page 8 and 9 from Ananse the Spider. Each of the four (4) books in the series accents a folktale, signing the story in Signed English syntax on the left page and presenting the a story illustration on the right page. (Click Here to Download)

  • Young Signers
  • The Young Signers Series is for young children to foster receptive and expressive language through signs and pictures. These two samples from Colors and Opposites are representative of the signs, vocabulary, and photography of the series. (Click Here to Download)

  • Discovering Literature Series
  • This is the beginning level of the Discovering Literature Series. The samples that model this level are basic chapter information from My Side of the Mountain, the Writer's Forum also from My Side of the Mountain, and a Test page from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. (Click Here to Download)

  • Puzzles & Practice Series
  • The 8 books of the Puzzles & Practice Series contain lessons that feature a specific math skill, skill practice, and an animal puzzle. These samples from the Addition & Subtraction with regrouping illustrate a skill, a puzzle, and additional Spanish/English information for the ocean animals. (Click Here to Download)