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Discovering Literature Series: Challenging Level

The Discovering Literature Series is designed to develop a studentís appreciation for good literature and to improve reading comprehension. At the Challenging Level, we focus on a variety of reading strategies that help students construct meaning from their experience with literature as well as make connections between their reading and the rest of their lives. The strategies reflect the demands of each literature selection.†

In these study guides, we will focus on beginning a book, setting and mood, irony, plot structure, foreshadowing and flashback, characterization, forming hypotheses, evaluating a book, plot conflict, point of view, inferencing, rereading, theme, narration, and the genre of dystopias.†

Each chapter analysis is organized into three basic elements: Journal and Discussion Topics, Chapter Vocabulary, and Chapter Summary.†

Other features include Strategy Pages to increase studentsí understanding of strategies to enhance their comprehension of literature; Testing at the end of each chapter grouping; and Writerís Forum for studentsí to write in a variety of genres relating to the text.

The Graveyard Book
$13.95 $8.37  
The Hunger Games
  • The Hunger Games
  • ISBN 9781930820005
  • GP-205
$13.95 $8.37  
Catching Fire
  • Catching Fire
  • ISBN 9781930820012
  • GP-206
$13.95 $8.37  
  • Mockingjay
  • ISBN 9781930820210
  • GP-207
$13.95 $8.37  
The Hobbit
  • The Hobbit
  • ISBN 9780931993909
  • GP-090
$11.95 $7.17  
The Odyssey
  • The Odyssey
  • ISBN 9780931993923
  • GP-092
$13.95 $8.37  
The Lord of the Flies
  • The Lord of the Flies
  • ISBN 9780931993961
  • GP-096
$13.95 $8.37  
The Giver (Sorry!  Currently out of stock)
$12.95 $7.77  
To Kill a Mockingbird
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • ISBN 9780931993749
  • GP-074
$15.95 $9.57